So…we had a baby

Last night at this time, I had just gotten finished preaching on Philippians 1. Super cool night with lots of new faces. We ate at Chili’s afterward and slept in this morning. Today, we had a baby. We were at Sam’s Club when Jenn felt a good strong contraction, and then after we paid out and headed to the car, her water broke. We sped back to the house, Nate & Jenn came and picked Emery up, and we were off to the hospital. With Emery, Jenn labored for about 21 hours, but with this one, it was about 3!

We enjoy the surprise of not knowing the gender beforehand, so we didn’t know it was another girl till we met her in the delivery room. When her head came out, the doctor said, “That’s a boy head.” We won’t tell her he said that. We quickly found out that he was wrong and were introduced to Adalyn Micah. She born at 5:56pm at a healthy 8 pounds, 3 ounces and 21.5 inches long. She has finger-toes like her dad and is already getting compliments about her height. I guess it runs in the family. She has barely any hair, but I’m sure she’ll have plenty very soon.

I’m sitting here in the recovery room now getting down with technology. She’s already the star of Twitter, Facebook, and her very own website, Make sure to swing by and stay updated with pics of the newest Miller chica.

I’m stoked to be a dad again. I’ve been praying for this little one for a long time now – I’m glad she’s finally here!


2 thoughts on “So…we had a baby

  1. Oh My Gosh!!! She is Beautiful! Well should I say they are Beautiful! Kevin, what a lucky man to have three such beautiful ladies in your life!Watching the video of Adalyn just made me cry! That song you have the video playing to, what is it? Who is it? Pretty Amazing.Love from the Lohkamp's, if you were here I would bring food!!!

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