God is nowhere.

I spent the first 5 months of Saturdays at Awaken teaching through the book of Philippians. I loved it. 18 weeks and lots of deep, life-changing truth! We’re now right in the middle of a new series leading into Good Friday and Easter called Premeditated. I’m loving that as well. I’m torn though, because I can’t wait to start our new study through the book of Esther!

I’m calling it God is nowhere.

Esther is one of 2 books in the Bible where the name of God is never mentioned (anyone know the other one?). In fact, some scholars have argued that because you never read about God in the book, it shouldn’t be included in the Bible. I disagree.

When you first look at the title above, you might read “God is nowhere,” but you could also read it “God is now here.” Same with the book of Esther. When you first read it, and you notice that you never read God’s name, you might think that He’s nowhere in the book. It would be hard to read the book and actually believe that though. As you witness God’s invisible hand orchestrating the events of the book and Esther’s life behind the scenes, it’s more accurate to say “God is now here!”

Sometimes our lives are like that. When we look at our circumstances, we wonder if God even cares – if He’s even involved. Yes, He does care. Yes, He is involved. It’s time to begin viewing our lives as “God is now here.” He is intimately involved in the details of our lives and loved us enough to personally visit us and die for us.

Make plans to join us for this study of a young girl that God used to save the entire nation of Israel. This study kicks off Saturday, April 10, so make sure to invite some friends and read ahead!


4 thoughts on “God is nowhere.

  1. I do not believe in so imagined God but I do believe in the system of G.G.D. means the automatic system of Generation, Operation & Destruction and these three words abbreviated as GOD has become a word God.
    I have composed a book “Who tells you there is God?” containing about 30,000 words and wish to get it published.

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