Unity Amidst Destruction

Saturday was a day I never saw coming: kicking through walls, ripping up soggy carpet, tearing down doors, throwing away chairs, and much more. That would have never entered my mind. We had plenty of volunteers show up, though, and in the midst of the destruction, something amazing happened: unity. All of us from different backgrounds, different churches, and different parts of the city and state came together for one purpose: helping Awaken Church start over. It was great. We knocked it out quickly. The whole church is down to the studs now – no doors, carpet, tiles, or sheet rock. All the bathroom vanities, kids toys, chairs, tables, cabinets, and anything else that had been on the floor ended up in a huge pile outside the church building, then eventually in a dumpster and headed off to a landfill.

We’re excited, though. We had out first service on Saturday in our temporary building. We’re praying that if God wants us somewhere else besides our wrecked building, He’ll drop it in our laps. Otherwise, we’ll wait it out and have another grand opening in a few months at 581 S Riverside Dr! After all, by that point, everything will be brand new – that building will look better than it has in decades!

Here are some pictures and a video of the demolition and our temporary meeting place. See more at awakenchurch.org in the photo gallery.


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