For 40 Wednesday nights over the last year, we journeyed through the Book of Acts. The time has come for something new and I’m really excited about it. Beginning Wednesday, September 22, we’ll be kicking off a new series in the Book of Psalms called HeartBlog. It won’t be an exhaustive study of Psalms (we will do that one of these days), but we’ll be spending about 15 weeks in the book. We’ll finish out 2010 with it and begin 2011.

As I’ve been reading through the Bible this year, the journey through the Psalms was one of my favorite parts. It was so revitalizing each morning as I read through and learned from the honest experiences and heart-cries of many great men. As I prayed about what was next after Acts, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Psalms.

Had the technology been available in David’s day (author of at least 73 of the 150 Psalms), I believe that reading the Book of Psalms would have been much like subscribing to a blog co-authored by David, Moses, Asaph, and a few other great men. The Psalms are honest and open. Some are uplifting and full of joy, others are sorrowful and full of repentance. They’re real. They touch on a wide range of emotions and experiences and the Book as a whole is extremely practical and vivid. It’s basically a book of 150 blog posts written from the heart of each author.

Since we won’t be covering all of them, and there are 150 to choose from, I figured this would be the perfect chance for you to rock the vote and let me know which Psalms you would like to study! Now is your chance. For the next week (Wed, Sept 8-Wed, Sept 15), you have the opportunity to let your voice be heard. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog with your top 3 choices of which Psalms you’d like to study. And don’t worry – if you miss a Wednesday night study or don’t live in Clarksville, each message will be available in our teaching archive like always.

Make sure to join us and bring some friends as kick off HeartBlog on Wednesday, September 22. We’ll hit some very practical subjects and this will be a great study for people in all different places in their relationship with Christ.

So get to it! Thumb through Psalms and pick out your top 3, then let me know what they are. I’ll try to get to as many of them as I can.

Voting is open to anyone – whether you go to Awaken or not!


5 thoughts on “HeartBlog: ROCK THE VOTE!

  1. I love Psalm 19, Psalm 139 and though it is long Psalm 119. If you even took a few verses from 119 it would be an amazing study.

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