Awaken Church is moving.

5 months ago, on Saturday, May 8, about 20 of us met at 581 S. Riverside Dr. for some flood demolition. It was a gnarly sight. Everything was destroyed. In only about 6 hours, we completely gutted the whole building down to the studs.

2 months later, Sunday, July 11, we reopened the doors for our first service back in our Riverside building after the flood.

We immediately tripled in size when we moved back into the building and switched to Sunday mornings. Whoa! Didn’t see that coming! Now, 3 months after that, we’ve outgrown our building and are preparing for a move.

Most churches face a lot of challenges when moving: trying to stay in a similar part of the city, losing some people who don’t want to drive to a new part of town, all-new costs that come with building, etc. Thankfully, we’re not facing those problems. We are able to stay in a similar part of town…actually, a similar part of the parking lot. We’ll be moving about 100 feet across the parking lot from 581 S Riverside Dr to 585 S Riverside Dr. We’ll be moving into the old Youth Villages building that they left vacant after the flood.

We will double our square footage in the new building and it will be much better suited for our needs. More than half of the square footage of the new building will be devoted to Awaken Kids Ministry, since that’s the area that needs room for the most growth. Our sanctuary will almost double in size as well, giving us a lot of room to grow.

There certainly will be some costs involved (buying more chairs, a new projector and screen, a possible sound system upgrade, decor, paint, etc), but it will be much less than it was when we lost everything in May (if you’d like to help with opening costs, click here). Plus, since the building still hasn’t been finished since the flood (Mold removed and remediated? Yes. Rebuilt? No.), we’ll be able to customize. Most of the building is down to the studs still. Next Saturday, October 23, is DEMO DAY. We’ll go in for a few hours of demolition, as we take down some walls, and mark everything out for the new layout.

Over the next few months, brand new bathrooms will be installed, walls will be built, carpet installed, stage built, and soon (mid-December), we’ll open up the doors for the all-new Awaken Church…still on S. Riverside Dr.!

We’re blown away at what God has done already and can’t wait to see what’s next! What a ride it has been!


3 thoughts on “Awaken Church is moving.

  1. […] Making the decision to move to a bigger building was a quick, yet very prayerful decision. It’s been something we’ve been praying about for a few months now, but we’ve only seriously considered it and moved forward with it since Tuesday of last week. Even since we made the decision to go for it and announce it at yesterday’s service, I must admit, I doubted a bit. I thought maybe we were jumping the gun. Maybe we should stick it out a little more and see how long we could make our current setting work. […]

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