Sin turns you into an animal

If you’re into hiding your sin, the Bible says you’re either a horse or a mule, and neither one is meant as a compliment…

Psalm 32:9 – “Do not be like a senseless horse or mule that needs a bit and bridle to keep it under control.”

When it comes to sin, are you a horse or a mule? Let me explain…

Let’s start with the horses…

Horses love to run. That’s one thing they do very well. In fact, people bet a lot of money that their horse can outrun your horse in a race.

When it comes to sin, some people are like horses because they just want to run with it. They know it’s wrong, but it’s also fun, so they indulge. They’re the people Paul writes about in Ephesians who have lost all sensitivity and have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more (Eph 4:19). They’re having a blast with their sin, and since the consequences haven’t hit yet, there’s no need to stop now…that’s what they believe, anyway.


Now on to the mules…

Mules are known for 2 main things: 1) carrying big loads, and 2) being stubborn.

When it comes to sin, if you’re not a horse, you’re probably a mule. You’ve known your sin is wrong all along, and it’s not that you lead a flamboyantly sinful life, but you’re just too stubborn to admit that you were wrong. Plus, just like a mule, not only are you stubborn, but you’re carrying a big load – your guilt.


You can be a horse AND a mule.

The Bible talks about a few guys who were both. One guy who comes to mind is a guy who stole another man’s wife, got her pregnant, then had her husband killed to cover it all up. You know him as “the man after God’s own heart” and the author of Psalm 32: DAVID! The Bathsheba thing was his run as a horse, then he turned into a mule. The baby was born, the deed was done, and David moved on with life and his new wife. He was stubborn (and stupid) enough to think that he could get away with it. He was wrong. The prophet Nathan proved him wrong in 2 Samuel 12.


What horses and mules have in common.

Both animals, as wild and stubborn as they can be, must be trained and forced into submission. The day comes where the bit and bridle are introduced and the reins are pulled. That day came for David eventually, and it was extremely painful. In fact, he lost his child because of his sin.

However, his pain gave birth to Psalm 51 and Psalm 32 – 2 beautiful penitential Psalms where he weeps over his past lifestyle of unconfessed sin. He regrets those years and implores us not to follow his bad example.


Which one are you – horse or mule?

God is ready to forgive, regardless of what you’ve done. Confessing sin is never easy, but it’s ALWAYS worth it!


One thought on “Sin turns you into an animal

  1. Interesting. I clicked, because we share a tag, ‘thoughts’. So here’s a thought, we are neither horse nor mule. I am a human. So let us set aside the virtue of those we’ve been entrusted.

    Think of a mustard seed, a little thing, but capable of growing into a great plant. Such is joy, a little seed, but it can grow and build a wonderful framework. Sin—and bad vibes of sin—drains our joy. Another cannot fill our cup, but another can certainly encourage us to live with real joy, and exultation. Let joy be a pursuit, under the stewardship of holy spirit. Then you will know when the phone will ring. The prophets, by their own declaration, are the door, and none shall pass, but along their path. Now, I would contend the honorable gardener grow joy, and grow a great tree. For one to chastise, one must also be an expert on sin. And that is a perilous road.

    Sin is by choice. All are blessed with this choice. Society, environment, even our own annoying boredom can test our pursuit of joy and sabotage others. A nasty spiral, and the grooves of ill thought wear deep in some. But they know. What rings true, we already knew. Those in guidance of the living spirit will encounter opportunities to spread joy, real joy, and not the trappings of carnal pursuit.

    Yet some refuse the teacher, the student must be ready. Such are tongues, and perceptions, gifts of spirit. Write as you are led, and grow this experience as we were all gifted to recognize joy. If we assume a role, condemning the sinner, we must also be prepared to uplift the humbled. A daunting task, indeed. The blinders come off slowly, lest we run amok and spill the cart. 😉

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