Abortion Averted

Last night after I taught at Calvary college group, Renovate, I met (for a second time) a 22-year old girl who told me her life had been changed 4 1/2 years ago after a message I taught.

It was October 2006 and I was teaching at Renovate. She was 18 at the time and had just found out she was pregnant. She was devastated and knew she was too young to have a baby, so she had decided to have an abortion…until she came to Renovate. I can’t remember what I taught on that night, but God used it powerfully in her life, and after service I prayed with her to recommit her life to Jesus. She decided at that moment that she was going to keep the baby. Abortion averted.

That night, not one life, but two lives were saved!

When I shook her hand last night, she told me this story, and told me that because of how God had used me, she has a 4-year old little boy named Spencer today (Natalie & Spencer are pictured to the left). I couldn’t believe it. I almost starting crying as I realized how God had used me in a way I had never realized. It probably hit me even harder since I have a 4-year old of my own!

What a powerful reminder that God can use our words and actions in someone’s life in ways that we could have never planned. I didn’t speak about abortion, but simply the hope that exists in the name of Jesus saved Natalie spiritually and Spencer physically.

Whatever your gift is, use it to benefit others and glorify God. He can use you in ways you’d never imagine!

If you’d like to listen to or watch last night’s message from Renovate, it will be available HERE shortly.


One thought on “Abortion Averted

  1. […] As I blogged about earlier this week, I met a girl named Natalie (she and her son, Spencer, are pictured to the left) at the college ministry I taught at on Thursday whose life was changed 4 1/2 years ago through a message I taught. She had scheduled an abortion, but upon giving her life to Christ that night (4 years ago), decided to keep the baby. She was the perfect illustration of living to be faithful, not famous. After all, life is a series of decisions, made in the  moment, that change who we will be and which route we will take. Thank God, Natalie made the right decision! […]

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