Good Friday Funeral

If you missed our Good Friday Funeral, you missed out. We celebrated the substitutionary death of Christ by confronting people with the reality of His death. If Jesus had lived in American culture, His funeral may have looked something like this. Below is the video of the funeral message I gave for those of you who missed it. Enjoy, and remember…

Jesus really did die…

But He didn’t stay dead!

Read a few of my thoughts and the news article from the Leaf Chronicle HERE.

Here are some pictures from the funeral (thanks to Erica Swaringen)…


2 thoughts on “Good Friday Funeral

  1. Pastor Miller,

    I think what you did for Easter Service is nothing short of glorious! I am thrilled the National News picked up the story. His wonders never cease. Your “outside the box approach” gave an injection of reflection and invitation for all the world. Keep up the GREAT work you started. I am sure that Jesus is pleased.
    Chris Hynes
    Rogue River, Oregon

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