Therefore vs. Nevertheless

As we study verse by verse through the Bible at Awaken, we often take a few moments to focus in on just 1 word or phrase that sheds new light on the passage.


One word that has come up a lot recently is the word “therefore.” Therefore is a foundational word that builds what is about to be said on the foundation of what’s already been said. We’ve seen it in Joshua, James, and Romans recently. In each case, the author/speaker used God’s faithfulness and goodness as the foundation by which to command obedience. “God has done all of this, therefore…


On Sunday, I taught a follow-up message to our study through Joshua. I called it “Prone To Wander,” based off that famous line from Come Thou Fount. The idea was that although Joshua ended on a high note of commanding and committing to faithfulness, Israel quickly began a downward spiral into sin and compromise.

“Nevertheless” works differently than “therefore.” Nevertheless starts from scratch and completely bypasses the sinful behavior that was mentioned.

The difference between the 2 words played out perfectly in Judges 2…

So are you a “Therefore” or a “Nevertheless”?


One thought on “Therefore vs. Nevertheless

  1. People who have been to the lowest parts of life, in sin and guilt, know that they are “nevertheless” people; it’s the “good” people of the world that sometimes don’t recognize the evil in their hearts. I am so thankful that I am an alcoholic and an addict…it was easy to see the “nevertheless” in my case. I really liked this post! Keep up the great work and God bless your continued ministry.

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