The beginning of a movement

Last night was FAR more than just an event or a concert. It wasn’t just about a band or some rockstars. Tonight changed my life before the event even started.

There’s no way to put into words the emotions, prayers, fasting, planning, and so much more that have been going on for months now, but I’ll do my best to sum it up. Here are a few numbers to help you get a mental picture of the night…

600+ in attendance

150+ volunteers

5 Clarksville churches

And the best number of the night: 40 decisions for Christ!

Partnering with a band like Love And Death (with Brian “Head” Welch, previously of Korn) was a huge privilege in itself. From the little time I got to spend talking and praying with Brian, hearing his heart for the Lord and ministry, it was evident that he was radically changed by Jesus! Their music was loud and their message was clear: the Gospel transforms lives.

As I was praying about what to share, I kept going back to Solomon in Ecclesiastes. He had it all and decided that he didn’t want any of it. Brian “Head” Welch is the poster child of Ecclesiastes. He shared last night about playing in a stadium to 50,000 people with Korn, Metallica, and Kid Rock, then flying in a private jet, belonging to one of the guys from Metallica. The night ended in cocaine and meth, and although Brian did it too, he was so empty. He said, “I don’t care if I play for 5 people. I was empty before, but I’m full now.” THAT is the power of the Gospel!

The direction the Lord gave me for last night was to help people despair in the world and hope in Christ. I’m thankful for Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes that helped many people be led by the Lord to do just that!

I can’t describe the emotion and excitement that I had to contain as I gave the call to people to raise their hands to accept Jesus. One of my favorite parts was closing my eyes to pray, and as I opened them back up, I saw 3 guys standing in front of me before I had even given the call to walk forward! They couldn’t wait to surrender!

In addition to the 40 decisions for Christ, the team that made that night happen is unparalleled. Any time I had a question, they were already a few steps ahead of me. I finally learned to just shut up and trust. Not only did Nate Witiuk from Awaken do a phenomenal job overseeing and coordinating the volunteers, but watching people from 5 churches and multiple denominations work together for the same cause was a beautiful sight. It’s amazing what God will do when His people unite.

Be looking for pictures, videos, and more coming very soon to

Also, this was just the beginning of a movement. Even greater things are ahead!

Here’s a picturesque glimpse of the night (thanks to the amazing Angela Ashcraft)…



4 thoughts on “The beginning of a movement

  1. Last night was a truly magical event. I have never witnessed anything like it before. Thank you, Kevin, for your message, and also Brian and his band, for donating their time, and sharing his message with us. I still can’t stop feeling that God had his hand on every heart in that auditorium last night. It was a privilege to serve and watch lives changing right before my eyes. Quick story: There was a boy who came in wearing a t-shirt with 666 and an pentagram on it. After you called people to raise their hands, I saw one, two, ten, forty hands go up! It made my heart skip a beat! As I guided the new believers thru the door to receive their newcomer kits, the boy with the 666 t-shirt walked past me and smiled, on his way out to be counseled, after giving his life to the Lord! I truly witnessed a miracle right in front of me! It was a blessing to be part of such an awesome event. I can’t wait to see what God has in mind for our next Uprising event! I was touched and in tears, watching all of the people who decided to change their lives, to receive eternal love from Christ our Lord. I believe that we can do anything they Christ, and want to thank everyone who volunteered for the event, and thank the Lord for such a moving and awesome night! You are an AWESOME God!!

  2. Thanks for posting Kevin! I love events like this where the Spirit is moving and his children are rocking! I wish I could have been there. But I am pleased to know what a testimony Brian is and how blessed you are to have been part of 40 precious people giving their life to our Lord. You must have a Holy Ghost hangover…I know it sounds funny…but you know what I’m talking about! WOW
    I saw Skillet perform recently but it was in a packed house of over 16,000…I know the intimate setting must have been “in your face” and acoustically majestic. so jealous, but so happy for you and the fellowship of Christians that got to participate.
    God bless you and keep rocking the revival…

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