Take the plunge.

Going into Easter weekend, our goal was to make it a party…and that’s exactly what happened. Not only did we have 2,500 Easter eggs that kids got to search for at each service, music by Rhett Walker, but we also got to see 6 people give their lives to Jesus and 38 people get baptized! It was phenomenal.

Easter baptism count

The idea of Sunday’s message was simple: we should take the plunge for Jesus because He took the plunge into humanity to die in our place. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are not just 2 extra days on our calendar – they’re game-changers!

Sunday’s worship was energetic, everyone was excited, and even though the water was cold, it was worth the shivers!

I’m just blown away that I have front row seats to what God is doing in Clarksville and at Awaken Church.

You can download the audio from Sunday’s message HERE or you can watch it below.


3 thoughts on “Take the plunge.

  1. […] but judging by what God has already done and is doing at Awaken, it’s going to be amazing!  Easter gave us a foretaste of what is to come. We baptized more people on Easter Sunday than we had in the combined history of the church! It was […]

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