I love this blog from a fellow expositional preacher. I feel that churches across America are filled with too many pep talks and not enough Gospel. Preaching expositionally allows God’s Word to be God’s Word. Make sure to reach Danny’s thoughts on why he has chosen to preach verse-by-verse…


I am absolutely convinced that expository preaching is the best way to approach the most sacred task of pastoral ministry. The best definition of expository preaching I have heard came from Mark Dever, “The point of the passage is the point of the message.” Since I started at Pembroke, I have done what my preaching professor, Hershael York, at SBTS said to do: I have made it my “bread and butter.” I have preached through books of the Bible section by section, sequentially and consistently.  I have sought to simply unfold God’s Word to God’s people in an understandable and applicable way.

Here are some reasons why I am convinced of this type of preaching.

1. Expository preaching lets God set the agenda. God wrote the Bible through men exactly like he intended to. When we approach the Bible with the intention of preaching through it in the order…

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