We party hardy.

At Awaken, we celebrate what God has done in preparation for what God will do. And since God seems to never slow down with His displays of power and faithfulness, we end up celebrating often. In short, we party hardy.

I have no idea what the future holds, but judging by what God has already done and is doing at Awaken, it’s going to be amazing!  Easter gave us a foretaste of what is to come. We baptized more people on Easter Sunday than we had in the combined history of the church! It was amazing. After all, baptism itself is a party, celebrating what God has done (salvation through the cross & the empty tomb) in preparation for what He will do (use us to change other people’s lives for eternity).

Last Sunday, I gave an update on the great things God has done at Awaken so far in 2012. Our vision for this year was huge…at least we thought it was–God already exceeded it! Isaac put together a video that captured some of the emotion and celebration of Easter and the baptisms. In case you missed it, you should watch it…


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