Teach me to pray

Over the last 2 weeks that I spent in California, I asked God for something simple: teach me to pray. I love those simple words that the disciples asked Jesus in person in Luke 11. I find it amazing that to the future preachers of His Church, Jesus spent more time teaching them to pray than to preach!

God answered that simple prayer while I was away. He answered it in part through a great book by E.M. Bounds called The Weapon of Prayer. Bounds has a whole collection of books about prayer, and each that I have read are amazing. In my opinion, there’s probably no need for any more authors to write about prayer. Bounds pretty much nailed it.

God also taught me about prayer through prayer itself. Although almost every waking moment in California was spent studying for my next class, I made sure that I took some time to pray. Although I didn’t do it as much as I would have liked, the time I had with God was deep. He spoke to me in ways I haven’t experienced in a while, and that I won’t try to explain in a blog post. 

Tomorrow at Awaken, I’ll be speaking on the topic of prayer as we continue the Framework series, and I can’t wait to share what God has laid on my heart!

As a little precursor, here is my favorite quote from E.M. Bounds’ book, The Weapon of Prayer

“Every movement for the advancement of the Gospel must be created by and inspired by prayer. In all these movements of God, prayer precedes and attends as an invariable and necessary condition. In this relation, God makes prayer identical in force and power with Himself, and says to those on earth who pray: “You are on the earth to carry on My cause. I am in heaven, the Lord of all, the Maker of all, the Holy One of all. Now whatever you need for My cause, ask Me and I will do it. Shape the future by your prayers, and all that you need for present supplies, command Me. I made heaven and earth, and all things in them. Ask largely. Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. It is MY work which you are doing. It concerns My cause. Be prompt and full in praying. Do not abate your asking, and I will not wince nor abate in My giving.”



3 thoughts on “Teach me to pray

  1. E.M. Bounds reminds me that I am NO writer! What powerful and inspired words! He was a man who gladly laid his life down for the Lord; we all should be so wise. Great little post here. I will add only one suggestion: the book entitiled “Prayer” by O. Hallesby is also an inspired book of a true prayer warrior. I was humbled and convicted when I read this work…it is worth reading, and it is quite short as well.
    Be blessed my friend,

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