FB cover Troublemakers

When you were little, you probably got into trouble because an authority figure somewhere said you were a “troublemaker.” Well, beginning this weekend at Awaken, we’re encouraging you to be a Troublemaker (we even have a social media hashtag for it: #beatroublemaker)!

Of course the point is not to cause a ruckus just for the fun of it – it’s about causing problems for Satan through living a life of faith. We’ll be studying the lives of 2 men (can you guess who?) that exemplify lives of faith that shook the darkness. I can’t wait to dive in, and I really hope you’ll join us. We have 4 weekend services (Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 8:30am, 10:15am, and 12noon), and seats will fill fast, so come early…but please don’t come alone!

You can advertise NOW by going to to send tweets and Facebook updates, as well as to download social media graphics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Come on, who doesn’t want their Facebook cover to say “I am a Troublemaker“?!

See you this weekend!


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