Together We Build…Again!

twbagainI’ve been out of the Awaken pulpit for 5 straight weeks now – that’s the longest stint yet since we started the church! It was an eventful 5 weeks that included prayer, reading, a bit of extra family time, a kidney stone, a 14-hour migraine and a trip to teach at Calvary Albuquerque, my home church. Each week at Awaken, I got to introduce our guest speakers, then sit in a chair and go to church! Man, that was refreshing! One week, I even had a whole row of friends that came with me!

As enjoyable as it has been, I’m itching to be back…and what a weekend to come back! This weekend will be a historic weekend for our church as I roll out the renovation and expansion plans for Awaken and Riverside Center! I’ll be meeting first with the Staff and Ministry Leaders, then with anyone who serves on a team at Awaken, and finally, on Sunday, with the whole church and our online audience.

On Sunday we’ll be looking back at where we’ve come from, then building on that foundation, we’ll be looking ahead to where we’re going. I’ll be sharing our vision for what’s ahead and inviting people to join in on the vision.

Come early to get a seat. We have a little bit of room at our 9am and 12:30pm services. 10:45 is always packed. Whichever service you plan on coming to, if Awaken is your church, don’t miss this Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Together We Build…Again!

  1. Hope you are feeling much better. What day and time do you meet with those who serve on a team (before Sunday) about the expansion?

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