It’s Complicated Q&A Week 3: Singleness


During It’s Complicated at Awaken, I’m doing a LIVE Q&A each Thursday night on the Awaken Facebook page. Make sure to tune in each week! (Next week, it’ll be on Friday. Black Friday Q&A!)

This week I answered questions about singleness, but it’s not just for single people – it’s for anyone. We covered sexual purity, how to support singles & married people, envy, and so much more in just about 30 minutes!

If you head over to, you can submit questions as well as download social media artwork and keep up with the teachings.

I’ve included the video from last night’s Q&A below, as well as a transcript of my notes for your reference. Click the link to download a PDF of It’s Complicated Q&A Week 3: SINGLENESS.

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Click HERE to watch the video Q&A.


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