Kevin prayed at a young age to receive Christ, but after realizing his need for a personal relationship with God, and not one in name only, Kevin Miller rededicated his life to God while in high school.  It was during that time when God begin to lead Kevin on a life-long journey to share His Word with others in need.

Kevin was born in Glendale, Arizona and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While in high school God began setting Kevin up to be a teacher of His Word.  Kevin helped begin a church youth group at his local church and he was elected to be the President of his High School Bible Club.

During the summer of 2002, after high school, Kevin worked as a counselor for a Christian camp in New Mexico called Lone Tree Bible Ranch. It was at that camp that he met his future wife, Jenn. In the fall of 2002, Kevin attended the School of Ministry at Calvary of Albuquerque, a yearlong intensive ministry program. While attending the SOM, Kevin worked with Calvary’s middle school youth group and began teaching for the youth group.  In the fall of 2003, Kevin and Jenn were married and in February of 2004, Kevin became the middle school youth pastor at Calvary of Albuquerque.

Kevin has a gifted style of teaching the Bible in a way that enables students and people of all ages to understand and thirst for the Bible.

A couple of years ago, Kevin and his wife began to feel God calling them to plant a church.  As they began to pray for God’s direction, He led them to the city of Clarksville, Tennessee.  Their heart for the people of Clarksville is that God and His Word would become real and relevant to their daily lives. The name of the church, Awaken, captures Kevin’s vision of awakening people to the relevance of God’s Word and equipping them for His service.

In June of 2009, Kevin & Jenn moved to Tennessee with their 3-year old daughter, Emery, and their youngest daughter, Adalyn, who would be born just months later.

Awaken Church began through a series of summer park outreaches around Clarksville which led to a weekly in-home Bible study. The doors to the church opened on September 19, 2009 with 44 adults in attendance. Since then, God has moved in incredible ways and continues to bless the church and the city of Clarksville as Awaken spreads the good news of Jesus Christ!

Kevin lives in Clarksville with his wife, Jenn, and their two daughters, Emery and Adalyn, and their son, Haddon.