Marriage Check-Up

Over the last 2 Sundays, I had the opportunity to teach a mini-series on marriage within our study through 1 Peter! If you missed it, you can grab the podcasts on iTunes as well as watch the video about the wife’s role (husbands, ours will be up later this week).

It was fun  to address both crowds, but also a bit challenging – especially 1 Peter 3:7 – the husband’s role. As I studied last week, I was humbled and realized (again) how thankful I am for my wife, and how I could a much better job at showing that to her. I sat her down and apologized, asked for input, and spent some time repenting and asking God to forgive me as well. It was so healthy and so needed.

As I closed Sunday’s message, I mentioned the “Marriage Check-Up” cards that we had included in all the bulletins. I encouraged every couple to sit down together some time this week (the sooner, the better) and go over these questions together. Jenn and I did on Saturday, and it turned into a long, deep, healthy conversation. We ended up talking about things that I hadn’t even thought through. It was really good for both of us.

Below is the video of week 1 of “Marriage is …To Be Continued” (for the ladies), and the guys’ video will be up later this week.

Also below are the 7 questions from the Marriage Check-Up cards that we passed out this weekend. If you didn’t get one (or don’t go to Awaken), grab them here and sit down and discuss with your spouse…

1.    Do we know and respect each other’s roles?

2.    WIFE: Am I allowing my husband to take the lead and respecting him as the leader of our home?

3.    HUSBAND: Am I cherishing and honoring my wife, considering her feelings above my own?

4.    Do we focus on the eternal or the temporary?

5.    Do we talk, openly and honestly, about life with each other?

6.    Does our marriage set a good example for our kids (if you have some)?

7.    Do we pray together AND for each other on a consistent basis?



Podcasting – God’s Word on the go

Since we moved to Clarksville, there have obviously been some major changes…

We had a baby.

I drove a school bus for a while.

It rained a lot.

Another change that I hadn’t really thought through was the transition from being taught to doing all the teaching. In Albuquerque, when I was on staff at Calvary, I taught a lot: Wednesday night, Saturday night, and twice on Sunday mornings. However, since we didn’t have a service for middle schoolers at 8am, I was able to sit in on the service each Sunday morning. Skip Heitzig was (and still is) my pastor, and he’s a fantastic Bible teacher (there’s a link below to prove it). That 8am service was so refreshing to me because I didn’t have to do anything besides listen. I wasn’t worried about the transition between worship and teaching, or thinking through what I was about to teach – I was able to just focus on taking it in.

When we left Albuquerque, that all changed. We visited a few churches here in Clarksville to assess the spiritual climate of the city, but we of course never got involved in one, since we had come to start our own. My first job in Clarksville was working the graveyard shift as a janitor. By far the best part was being able to listen to my iPhone for 6-8 hours straight. I would listen to hours and hours of Bible teachings every night!

In Albuquerque, podcasting wasn’t a big priority to me. I had some great Bible teaching all around me and was able to soak it in quite often. That was not the case when we moved to Clarksville. Now, I’m the teacher. I’m not complaining. I live for this. It’s also taught me an important lesson about ensuring that I receive the spiritual food I need to keep going.

I go through a few podcasts every week now, just listening to them in my truck on my way to and from work each day. It’s vital for me to be taking it in so that I can continue to give it out.

But I’m not regurgitating sermons I’ve heard – my one-on-one time with the Lord is even more important. That’s when God and I hang out. That’s the “meat” of my spiritual feast.

I love technology for a lot of reasons, but a main one is the many ways it can be used to glorify God and make Him known. I thought I’d use this time as a chance to pass along some of my favorite podcasts and Bible teachers, and ask you to do the same.

Below are some of my favorites. Leave a comment with your favorite (and maybe even a link to their podcast)!

Skip Heitzig, Calvary Albuquerque

Alistair Begg, Truth For Life

James MacDonald, Walk in the Word

Levi Lusko, Fresh Life Church

Greg Laurie, Harvest Christians Fellowship

Pedro Garcia, Calvary Chapel Kendall

Louie Giglio, Passion City Church



Video podcast. Finally.

We tried and we tried and now finally, we are friends with video podcasting technology.

Click HERE to open iTunes and subscribe to our video podcast or just download the latest episode and check it out. We are video podcasting only our Saturday night services for now, but soon we will add our Wednesday service as well. You can also subscribe to our audio podcast – those are available for every service.

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Of course you can also check out the video and audio of our service in our service archive. Enjoy and spread the Word!

The Bible in HD

If you’ve subscribed to our video podcast, I sincerely apologize for the technical issues we’ve been experiencing. We’re working on it and hope it have it up soon.

In the mean time, the videos ARE working on our vimeo channel. You can follow the links from our service archive or you can go straight to our channel to watch each video from our Saturday night services!

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Thanks, and enjoy the Bible in HD…

More Technology

I’m all about using the latest and greatest technology to make Jesus famous.

We’ve just added a new one at Awaken, for those of you who may be interested. In addition to our audio podcast, we now offer a brand new video podcast so that you can watch our weekend services!

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Enjoy and spread the Word!